Little Birds

These were great projects for an long evening of stitching! The hand towels are of flour sacking and it’s the best for really getting glasses dry and sparkly. The little blue birds are so sweet sitting on the rosy flowered branch. I will make more just as soon as I get more towels from the American Chair Store. Where? That’s right…American Chair Store. To read the story of WHY a towel firm has that name, visit their web site here!

When I was setting up my first home, I had 4 or 5 towels like these that I’d gotten (I remember…) from my grandmother who kindly gave them to me. I loved them. The designs were old fashioned and the stitching was faded, but I always thought about her drying her glasses every single time I used them. I love that about old things – especially textiles – thinking about who used them in the past and how loved and well cared for they must have been to have lasted so long.

I hope my girls are able to pass these down someday too. They were stitched with love.