First Goldwork

Silk and gold finished – I think…

Silk and gold finished - I think...

I was a little sad when I put the last stitch in on this piece. It’s been a great learning experience and, although working with the Japan thread was difficult, I feel successful and the results look wonderful. I’m hooked on goldwork! The top of the design needed a bit of gold to balance the bottom so […]

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Pearl purl – how to

Pearl purl - how to

After this most recent goldwork project, I feel much more confident about  couching pearl purl onto a piece of embroidery. So confident, in fact, I’ve put together a short tutorial on how to do it for those few of you who may not know how or just need a nudge to try it. In fact, […]

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Silk – smooth, shimmery silk

Silk - smooth, shimmery silk

The silk bits are all finished. It looks so elegant, doesn’t it? So smooth and shimmery and… well… silky! I just love silk thread. The thread I’m using on this project is from the Silk Mill. The colors are 3033 Sherwood Green, 3269 vetro di cristallo (gold), 3042 galactic blue and 3062 Amaro (maroon).

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