Map Muse!

I’m traveling across the middle of the USA – from Iowa to Minnesota through Wisconsin and Illinois to Michigan. Naturally I want to stop at needlework shops as we go.

There is a wonderful web site call Map Muse. It’s a map with the locations of cross-stitch, needlepoint and embroidery shops all over the USA! I never knew such a thing existed until I was getting ready to drive from Minneapolis to Detroit and decided a needlework shop stop was just what I would need about half way there.  Some of the entries have web sites so you will have an idea of what things the shop sells when you’re deciding where to stop.

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Stitchville USA!

Stitchville USA! You’ve got to love that name – it implies a big BIG store full of stitching supplies – as big as the whole USA! And you’d not be far wrong if that’s what you come to Minnesota expecting to find. I’m in the Twin cities visiting my older daughter and she’d given me a gift certificate to Stitchville USA for my birthday, knowing I would be home now to “spend” it.

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