Loveday crewelwork – Tri-color leaf 1

Loveday crewelwork - Tri-color leaf 1

After I’d embroidered the ivy leaves, the strawberries and worked up quite far on the trunk and branches, I decided to stitch one of the large leaves. The large leaves are worked in three colors throughout the piece: a dark green, a light apple green and a beautiful teal blue. These colors, in combination with the […]

Loveday crewelwork- sweet strawberries

Loveday crewelwork- sweet strawberries

The two large strawberries at  the bottom of the tree are worked in padded long and short shading. Now, before you ask me what padded long and short shading is, take a deep breath and think about it. It’s a padded satin stitch but shaded, using longer and shorter stitches to blend the colors together. […]

Loveday crewelwork – green ivy

Loveday crewelwork - green ivy

Even before I’d finished all of the tree trunk, I started stitching the ivy. I just couldn’t wait to see what the piece would look like with more color added to it! The ivy uses only two stitches – stem stitch and straight stitch. Stem stitch outlines each leaf, it is used to create the vein […]

RSN Silk Shading – White finished…for now

RSN Silk Shading - White finished...for now

All of the white/grey/violet/green “Mischung’ of white color on my RSN Silk Shading flower project is finished. “What’s a Mischung?”, I hear you ask. Mischung – pronounced “mish-ung” – means mixture in German but it sounds more like what the color of the flower looks like than the word mixture, doesn’t it?  The flower clearly isn’t as white as […]

A turned under petal – silk shading the shade!

A turned under petal - silk shading the shade!

The next petal in my order of work was the turned under petal on the lower right side of the flower. The top of the petal is bright white in the photo, which was relatively straightforward to stitch. However, when I moved onto the underside of the petal that’s in the shade, the colors became […]

RSN Silk Shading: First large petal finished

RSN Silk Shading: First large petal finished

This flower may be “white’ but there are lots of threads in the stitch that are NOT white. I’ve used various greys, violets, a light clay color, and a bit of grey-green to achieve the shading in the largest petal. Here’s a photo of my work in progress – look at all those needles!   Analysing […]

Curly branches!

Curly branches!

The tree is growing beautifully! Stem stitch is one of my favourite stitches and I especially like doing it when I have to either taper the stitches to a thinner point or expand them to get thicker. I like the puzzle of working out where to have one row stop (or begin the additional row). […]

RSN Silk Shading: Keeping the silk clean!

RSN Silk Shading: Keeping the silk clean!

  While working on my RSN Silk Shading piece, I have been super careful to keep all areas of the silk covered except the tiny part I’m embroidering at one time. You can see from the photo below that I have acid free tissue paper carefully secured all around the petal. However, I wasn’t careful […]

Miniature Cap Class Offered on “With Threaded Needle”

Miniature Cap Class Offered on "With Threaded Needle"

After many requests, I’ve decided to offer an online course to my readers who would like to make their own miniature copy of a cap design by Thomas Trevelyon. The Folger Shakespeare Library in Washington D.C. has graciously granted permission for the use of the Trevelyon cap pattern under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. […]

RSN Silk Shading: Four petals done

Before I left Bristol and the care and guidance of my teacher, I stitched the four small petals you see completed in the photo below. I can hear you thinking “That’s all?” Yep, that was as far as I got. But I learned a lot! I now understand the importance of both the order of work […]

Loveday crewelwork piece is begun!

Loveday crewelwork piece is begun!

I woke up early last weekend to frame up the linen for the Loveday crewelwork piece from Nicola Jarvis. I was so excited! Whenever I am beginning a new piece I have mixed feelings: I know it will take a while to frame it up and what I really want to do is get stitching, so […]

Here’s an idea: Morgan Lap Stand

Here's an idea: Morgan Lap Stand

One of our loyal readers, RMW, asked the other day for advice about what kind of a frame or stand she could get. She mentioned a “lap/table/sit-on stand”. She said she prefers hoops, but was also considering trying q-snaps. She would prefer NOT to have to lace or tack that fabric onto the frame or fussing with scroll and other […]

Happy New Year and what’s ahead!

Happy New Year and what's ahead!

Happy New Year to all of you! We had the most wonderful time with our friends over Christmas and came home refreshed and feeling very lucky to have two such delightful people in our lives. After receiving many, many Happy Christmas wishes from you, I feel very lucky to have all of you as part […]

It’s Christmas Eve

It's Christmas Eve

We’ve flown to England to spend Christmas with our dear friends Dave and Nicola. I’m sitting in front of the fire reflecting on how very lucky I’ve been this year. You’ve kept in touch, taken time to give me encouragement and guidance and, most importantly of all, you’ve continued to be part of my stitching community […]

Leven’s Hall Pillow – Finished!

Leven's Hall Pillow - Finished!

The pillow designed by Phillipa Turnbull called the Leven’s Hall Pillow has been one of my favourite pieces to stitch. A big part of that is the color scheme. The rich reds, deep blues and creamy golds are simply beautiful. Whenever I get to the end of a project like this – a large project […]

Anna Scott’s Sweet Honeysuckle

Anna Scott's Sweet Honeysuckle

A while ago I began a new project from Anna Scott called Sweet Honeysuckle. I purchased the last kit she had in stock about a year ago. However, the great news is that you can purchase the complete instructions from her Etsy shop for this project! On the shop page she lists all the materials you will need […]

Leven’s Hall Long and Short Flowers

Leven's Hall Long and Short Flowers

The Leven’s Hall Pillowe is coming along nicely, thank you! What I’ve just finished are all the long and short shaded flowers. Since I’ll be taking the final component of my Royal School of Needlework Certificate course beginning in late January, I figure the more experience I get doing long and short shading of any […]

Schwalm Whitework Update

Schwalm Whitework Update

The Schwalm Whitework table cloth has reached the stage where I have to concentrate on what I’m doing or I’ll make a mistake. Some embroidery projects can be stitched while listening to music or watching something light hearted on television, but the counting required at this stage means that all my concentration must be focused […]

Nicola’s Blue Bird all finished!

Nicola's Blue Bird all finished!

Just after I returned from the UK, I sat down and finished this beautiful piece by Nicola Jarvis. There was only the outline to finish so it was a matter of doing about an hour of stem stitch, which is a pleasant way to spend an hour! As with all crewelwork, it’s the texture in combination with […]

Burrell Collection and Goodbyes

Burrell Collection and Goodbyes

My last day of the Lady Anne’s Needlework Retreat came all too quickly. It was a grand day, but knowing I would have to say goodbye to people with whom I started to make friends was tough. Really tough. However, before that we had a wonderful day at the Burrell Collection in Glasgow. The collection of […]

Manchester Castle Textiles

Manchester Castle Textiles

One of the main reasons I was so pleased to have the opportunity to go on the Lady Anne’s Needlework retreat was that I got to see some of the pieces in the textile collection at Muncaster Castle. Muncaster Castle, guarding the west coast of the English Lake District, has been the family home of the […]

Dinner at Muncaster Castle

Dinner at Muncaster Castle

After we all got settled into our hotel everyone spent time getting ready for dinner at Muncaster Castle. It isn’t everyday that one gets to eat dinner in a castle with the family who lives there – at least not every day for me! Phillipa Turnbull is friends with the Pennington family and generously organised […]

Lady Anne’s Retreat: From Appleby to Ravenglass

Lady Anne's Retreat: From Appleby to Ravenglass

On Tuesday morning we all had to be awake, packed and ready to go on one of the most beautiful drives I’ve ever experienced. We traveled from Appleby, which is in the Eden Valley on the east side of the Lake District National Park, down to Orton to visit Kennedy’s Fine Chocolates, on to Holker […]

Phillipa Turnbull’s Private Collection

Phillipa Turnbull's Private Collection

On Monday evening Phillipa generously invited all of us to her home for an evening of delicious food and wonderful textiles. During the evening, small groups got to see and learn about the textiles Phillipa has collected.  She is, as you know, an expert in crewelwork so it was not a surprise that we saw fabulous examples […]