Exciting News

Lets see…exciting news…what could it be?

I finished all four of the silk leaves on the Trevelyon’s Cap project. To everyone who gave me encouragement and kind words, thank you! It went far more quickly than I thought it would at the end and they do look really pretty.

The colors do glow, even in the artificial light at the end of the day. (It’s still dark here when I get home from school.) In the sunlight they will be really fabulous – I can’t wait!

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Tracy A. Franklin’s gorgeous, inspiring new book

Tracy Franklin’s new book Crewelwork is gorgeous. The book itself is a work of art and the images and ideas inside are inspirational. With a cover of textured, light gray card bound in black, the glossy gold and white dotted pages separating each chapter of the book and the breathtaking photography, this is a book to be savored slowly, over and over.













There are 5 chapters ; Stitches, Designs, Design Features, Designed and Embroidered and Earlier Crewelwork. Very little of what you will see is “traditional” crewelwork. All of it is stunning and, for me, a wealth of designs and textures I could not have imagined.

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My long and short shading ‘a-ha’ moment!

Some things can be learned from a book. For example, I became a pretty good recorder player as a girl by learning the fingerings from a book. I could NEVER have learned to play the oboe from a book – there are too many individual variables in the way you must hold your mouth to produce the sound. It needs to be explained and demonstrated for complete understanding and success. Well, long and short shading is a skill that that I didn’t understand from a book. I needed a teacher to show me, to tailor her explanations to my way of understanding.

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