Good News from The Crewelwork Company

Sometimes on the weekends I like to peruse the web sites of both designers and online shops. I think of it as window shopping! Today I discovered a couple of really interesting tools I didn’t know existed – double eyed needles for example! – and new things happening on The Crewelwork Company’s web site.

The biggest news for those of us who don’t live in the UK is that they now offer free world-wide shipping on all orders.


The company has also put together three different packages for crewelwork enthusiasts who want to know they have everything to complete the project. For example, here is the information about the Level One Package:

 “We like to make your Crewel Work experience with us as enjoyable as possible and we realise that sometimes, all you want is to know you have the right kit to get on with it. For that reason, we have created a package option with all the tools you need to get on with each level. For this option, please choose any Level One kit and receive a Seat Frame and our instructional DVD. Seat Frame includes 3 hoops and a Twizzler.”

That means that the set of things you see below (the kit, the frame with three hoops and the DVD) which would cost 114£ if you purchased them separately is now available for 85£ as a package. That’s a saving of 29£ and the shipping is free worldwide. The savings are similar on Level Two and Level Three packages.

Remember the lap hoop frames I wrote about a few weeks ago? These are the same lap hoop frames I use and love. I don’t have her DVD but if it’s anything like “Phillipa, live and in person” it will be wonderful! And of course, her kits are first rate. They really are a “class in a kit”. The diagrams, the stitch instructions and the materials are all of superior quality.

Level_Two_PackageThose of you who’ve been reading The Unbroken Thread for a while will remember these projects I did from The Crewelwork Company:

mp1The beautiful Marriage Pillowe : Here is a link to all the posts about stitching it


And this charming pillow from the very first workshop I took with Phillipa in Burford. Unfortunately this kit is no longer available, but there are plenty of others that are just as fabulous!

Levens_Hall_PilloweAnd of course, the Leven’s Hall Pillow,  the one I’m stitching right now! At least, I will be when this article is finished!

What would I like to do next? In the far future?

Well, let’s see…

jf either this one, Jacobean Fantasy or…tj7this on, Jacobean Wild Wood.

Gosh, window shopping is fun!


Crewel x 2 = First stitches!

This is fun, fun, fun! I’ve gotten a good start on both crewel kits and they are looking rather nice. Both pieces used blue threads for the first stitches and I just love blue.

Today I’ll write about the Levin’s Hall Pillowe and next time about the Blue Bird.

The Levin’s Hall Pillowe begins with laid and couched work. As you know, this is one of my favourite ways of filling spaces in crewelwork. On my Gaelic Autumn Quilt I’m using laid and couched work to fill the leaf shapes.  In this design there are two large leaf shapes that are stitched using two patterns of laid and couched work.

Laid and couched work is when thread is “laid” over the top of the fabric with only small stitches at the ends of each laid thread. Most of the laid threads are on top of the fabric not underneath. Below is a photo of one of the leaves with the laid stitches in place. The thread goes through to the back only at the ends of each of the long stitches.


It’s very important when doing laid and couched work to make sure all the stitching going in one direction is on the bottom and the stitches going in the other direction are over those. In the photo above the stitches running from left to right and slightly downhill are all underneath the stitches running from top to bottom and slightly slanted.

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Of all the things I do during the day, embroidery gives me the most pleasure. I call it my “delightful time”.

Delightful: giving great delight; very pleasing, beautiful, charming, etc.:  agreeable,  pleasant,  enjoyable, gratifying, pleasurable, pretty, satisfying, welcome

Working on the Marriage Pillowe has been completely delightful. The design is very pleasing, the stitching pleasurable, the colors pretty, the finished project, satisfying. All in all, delightful!


The hillock on which they stand, filled with French knots.

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