In the midst of moving…

…I’m finding little time to stitch.

Steve and I have moved a lot. Over 15 times, both between countries and within countries. I knew there would be things to do. Stuff to organise. To do lists to be made and satisfyingly crossed off. But I had NO IDEA how much MORE there was to do when one is a textile artist. NO IDEA AT ALL.

We always hire movers to come in and pack everything, take the furniture away and bring it all to us at our final destination. When one moves across the ocean, you can’t really hire your own van and do it yourself. So, usually, we just pack what we need for the short term in a few suitcases and go to the airport, knowing that everything will arrive safely in a month or a bit longer. Easy.

However, when one has thread – lots of thread – and fabric – lots of fabric – and trestles, and frames and scissors, and art supplies and…I won’t go on – it gives me palpitations – there is so much prep. work to do before the lovely movers come and pack it all into boxes. Thread to be put into ziplock bags with silica gel, fabric packed the same way, art supplies sorted and bagged up – the list seems endless. However, it’s all done now and I can take a deep breath and write a post. Hello.

I have had precious little time or mental energy to stitch lately. My mind is going a zillion miles an hour thinking of everything. But stitch I have. It’s been my moment of quiet in the day.

I’ve worked on the outline of the Bayeux Tapestry piece and it’s almost finished. Yea! (By the way – I’m sure you heard that the Bayeux Tapestry is coming to the UK in 2020? Exciting!)

I’ve also worked on a leaf in the Trevelyon’s Pocket piece. I’m particularly proud of it as it’s a turned over leaf ad I think the shading has turned out rather well for a leaf that’s less that ¾ inch long. Below is a photo of that leaf and all the others I’ve done so far on the Pocket piece. I like the variety.

If you’ve scrolled down this far to see all the leaves, you will now see something that has taken three days of my time – a baby quilt for my brand new grand daughter!

I will be holding her in my arms in just 17 days! I can’t wait!

You probably won’t hear more from me until after the move but be assured I’m taking my projects with me on the plane so I have embroidery to help me settle in when I get back to the USA. Hopefully I’ll get something done and have an update for you!


Days of Vines and Stitches

Since I’m moving back to the USA, I’m making an effort to learn more about what goes on in the embroidery world there. One of the seminars I discovered (and I know I’m late to the table here for my US readers!) is the Days of Vines and Stitches EGA Regional Retreat at Sonama University, in Rohnert Park, California.

Registration opened yesterday and I’m so pleased to be able to tell you that my dear friend and teacher, Nicola Jarvis, is teaching two different courses.  One is Blossom Wood which is an autumnal version of the fabulous Loveday piece I worked a few years ago. It’s a masterpiece of crewelwork.

The other is a smaller but equally delightful piece entitled Woodpecker and Larkspur. This is a brand new piece. Below is a photo to give you an idea of what you will be working on.

There are many. many other great classes offered and the location and housing looks great! If you’re interesting in registering for classes, click here for the link.