Kathy Andrews: The woman behind The Unbroken Thread

Photo_Booth Embroidery has been a hobby since I was in school and a hippie (that dates me, I know!) embroidering flowers on my jeans. I have collected textiles whilst traveling the world, living and teaching in many places. In our home, there are fine examples of many different kinds of stitches, fabrics, techniques and styles. Only recently did I look around and notice that I love textiles!

My first love was music and I was a professional musician for the first 30 years of my adult  life. I still play, but only for enjoyment and the occasional wedding.

Since 2001 my husband and I have lived all over the world, most recently in Berlin, teaching in international schools. We returned to the USA in February 2018, are happily retired and living in my beautiful family home on 2.5 acres of oak woodland in Iowa. I practice yoga, garden, work on my blogs and stitch in every spare minute…and there are NEVER enough of them!

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The Unbroken Thread accepts advertisements from carefully selected businesses that provide high quality and/or high value products and services to the embroidery community. We would be delighted to advertise products and services which are of value and interest to our readers.
If you are interested in reaching members of The Unbroken Thread community directly through advertising on the site, please contact me and I will happily send you more information.

Products for Review
From time to time The Unbroken Thread receives threads, books, kits, etc. from members of the embroidery community. I am always interested in the opportunity to try a new thread or fabric, be a test stitcher, review a book or use a new product. You can be assured that I will write fairly and accurately about my experience, sharing with my readers both the things I like and things I think could be improved (if there are any!) The article may not be published immediately after receiving the item due to editorial decisions and workload. If I feel that the product is not up to my standard for use, I will tell my readers and explain why. In the interest of providing maximum help to my readers, your comments on the review will be published as soon as possible. Since not everyone has the same criterion for choosing things, it will be strictly a personal opinion and will be presented as such on the blog.

Sponsored Give-a-way
If your business would like to send a product to The Unbroken Thread for a sponsored give-a-way, I will make it clear that the item has been generously provided by you, the sponsor of the give-a-way, and say thank you. Sponsored give-a-ways by any one company will be limited at the discretion of The Unbroken Thread.

Artisan Support
The Unbroken Thread is always looking for ways to support the artists who create the materials we use in our embroidery. If you would be interested in being featured in an interview or have me visit your workshop, please contact me and we’ll see what we can work out. Without you, the embroidery world would be a poorer place. If you become a featured artisan, The Unbroken Thread will provide one month of free advertising for you. You must provide a 150 x 150 high quality jpg. or gif. image which will be linked directly to your web site.