Mary Parsons 1780


A reproduction sampler from the collection of The Unbroken Thread


Mary Parsons was born in Leeds, Yorkshire, England in 1770. We believe she was the daughter of a fuller in the woolen mills of England. By the time she was 10 years old, her family had moved from the city of Leeds to the town of Dewsbury, Yorkshire. There, Mary was sent to school where she stitched her charming sampler. Mary’s sampler is one of only three known samplers to contain a maze as part of the design. She also included a colorful Noah’s Ark and a number of tiny motifs at the end of the rows of the verse she chose to embroider. As I worked this reproduction, it was easy to imagine Mary working diligently to finish each row of letters so that she could finally stitch the little pair of glasses or short flowered vine. Her verse speaks to many of us who may, as a child, have shared a secret with a friend, only to have it told without permission to someone we didn’t want to know our secret. We can only wonder why Mary chose this verse. The PDF download includes both color and black and white charts. We’ve also included extensive information about Mary, her life and family and about the other samplers that include mazes as part of their design. 

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Thread Colors

d’Alger 100.3 DMC Color description
524 022 831 Mustard – medium
4214 702 400 Brown – medium
2242 148 3821 Yellow Beige – medium
2146 274 732 Khaki Green – dark
1434 356 931 Antique Blue – medium
1432 309 3841 Pale Blue/Grey
2756 714 598 Pale Blue/Green
945 499 321 Christmas Red – dark
2931 177 407 Salmon/Shell Pink – light
2632 93 758 Desert Sand
Noir Noir 939 Black

Fabric sizes

28 ct.   Design: 11.14″ x 16.64″   Fabric: 19.14″ x 24.64”

30 ct.   Design: 10.4″ x 15.53″    Fabric: 18.4″ x 23.53”

32 ct.   Design: 9.75″ x 14.56″.   Fabric: 17.75″ x 22.56”

36 ct.   Design: 8.67″ x 12.94″.  Fabric: 16.67″ x 20.94”

40 ct.   Design: 7.8″ x 11.65″.    Fabric: 15.8″ x 19.65”

46 ct.   Design: 6.78″ x 10.13″.  Fabric: 14.78″ x 18.13”

56 ct.   Design: 5.57″ x 8.32″.    Fabric: 13.57″ x 16.32″

Stitches Used

The sampler is worked mainly in cross stitch. There is a small area which uses eyelet stitches. The entire border is done in satin stitch.

The model was stitched on Legacy Linen 37 count Corn Tassel using Au ver a soie 100.3 thread. The original color of the linen on Mary’s sampler is close to DMC color 613.