Currently I’m enrolled in a class taught by Natalie Dupuis called “The Humble Couching Stitch”. After a very long year when I wasn’t feeling (or being!) very creative, I decided that a class was just what I needed to rekindle my creativity and this was the perfect choice!

As a surface embroiderer I do loads of couching on my pieces. I particularly love laid and trellis work which requires couching threads down to create the layered patterns.

The couching stitch is one of the most versatile stitches there is and can be used in both traditional and contemporary embroidery, such as the piece I did for my City and Guilds Course, below.

Natalie’s class focuses on the couching stitch as used in metal thread embroidery. There are a number of things that I’ve particularly enjoyed. Firstly, the organization and delivery of the class is first rate. For each technique we  have access to background videos, readings that are available online or to download, high quality images and demonstration videos. There are assignments for us to do each week or every two weeks depending on the size and scope of the topic. As we work, there is a discussion area for each assignment where all students can upload and comment on their own work. Others can comment on your work as well and Natalie replies to every single comment.

It’s inspiring and encouraging to see the work of other students and the atmosphere Natalie sets online is positive.  Uploading images and comments is easy and straightforward so I’ve spent very little time doing technology and loads of time stitching: the best balance for any online class I think. We have weekly Zoom lecture meetings where we learn more, go over content we’ve been assigned to read and have a little time to talk with one another.

We started with basic couching. Below is the best brick pattern couched work I managed. My stitches still aren’t perfectly straight but they’re MUCH better than the first one I did (farther below).

We then moved on to underside couching.  It is a very cool technique and I loved it but it was tricky! If you want to learn more about underside couching, here is a link to a fabulous video by Sarah Humphrey. I took a class from Sarah years ago at the V&A and started on the piece you see at the beginning of the video. I had the best luck using a gold tambour thread which is super thin. The thinner the thread, the easier it is to get it under the fabric.

The couching as labeled in the photo –

#1 – left-over #7 silver passing thread  (too lumpy)

#2 – Same as #1 but with silk on top of the muslin (still too lumpy!)

#3 – #4 gold passing thread (better)

#4 – Gold tambour thread (best!)

#5 – Same materials as example #3 but using the method I found worked best for me whilst doing example #4.

It worked pretty well but the Tambour thread works best. It’s so fine that it’s really easy to pull through – even the silk.

You can see that I am NO expert and my samples look a bit scruffy. However, that’s the point – I’m learning!

We then moved to diaper patterns which I LOVED!!! I decided to do two different patterns in two different threads. In the first I used gimp thread and colored silk to couch down the gimp.

The second is a pattern  from the Fisherman’s Pall (below) and I used gold thread with purple silk to couch down. As you can see from the area I couched, I really, really enjoyed this technique!

Last week and next we’re focusing on the technique called Or Nué. I have NO experience of this technique and it is very s…l…o…w. I’ve chosen to replicate my logo in one color for my first try. Typically Or Nué is a shaded technique but may be done in one color. We’ll see how it turns out when I’m finished.

If you’re interested in Natalie’s classes on Teachable, here is a link to that page.

This is a link her her web page where you can read more about her and her work.

The course I’m taking now, of course, is full. The next course is called “Ode to the Palette” and I don’t know if it’s full or not. I’ve signed up and am looking forward to learning even more about color!

It’s never too late to learn something new or learn more about something with which you are already familiar – and it might even bring back your creativity, as it did for me!


7 thoughts on “Couching

  1. Good to know your creativity is back. Not fun at all when it goes AWOL. Courses or small projects are just the thing to help, aren’t they!

  2. A really useful and inspiring post. What a wonderful range of examples from you twigs to fisherman’s pall. There is so much potential. Very pleased you are enjoying the classes, it is a pleasure to hear about them.

  3. How lovely. I will be joining you for Ode to the Palette. So excited about that already, but you have made me more so with this article.

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