Biscornu – in three dimensions

Not long after I wrote my post about the biscornu I’ve been working on, I finished it! There are loads of great tutorials online about how to put a biscornu together so it wasn’t very difficult – thank goodness for the internet, right? It takes eagle eyes and patience, but I managed assemble it without any mis-stitches. The trick is to whip stitch the back stitches around the outside of both the front and the back together, never missing one stitch. I had to use my trusty magnifying daylight lamp to see what I was doing and my new reading glasses; I couldn’t have assembled the biscornu without them.

I watched two different videos so I would have more than one set of instructions about how to do it. When I was a teacher (and a student) I always found that more than one explanation was helpful. The two videos I watched are here and here.

If anyone has a video they think is fabulous, please leave comment below with the link to share it.

Assemblying a biscornu is a geometric puzzle that, once you understand how it’s done, is not difficult. It’s a little like being shown how to do a magic trick! Once the stitching that holds the top and bottom together was almost finished I filled my biscornu with flax seeds and lavender. I like to use something heavier than finer fill so the biscornu has weight and, because of the design, I wanted to use a little dried lavender so it would smell nice.

Now that it’s finished and I can see and hold it…I think I’ll be making another one! It’s likely I’ll do the same design again since I “know how it goes.”  A bit like playing a piano piece you know well for the joy of being able to play it without making mistakes – well, I can hope, right?! Who knows, maybe stitching one of Amy Mitten’s samplers isn’t such an unrealistic goal after all!




4 thoughts on “Biscornu – in three dimensions

  1. I like the idea of using lavender as a filler for a biscornu that depicts lavender plants. It turned out very well. Now you can enter it in the three dimensional division at the Iowa State Fair next year.

  2. It turned out very well and looks lovely. I have not made a biscornu but have looked at instructions on how they are made; I think it is fascinating how the two flat squares come together to make this sweet little cushion.

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