Trevelyon’s Pocket Progress

Now that we’re more settled, and my home and studio are more organised, I’ve been able to focus on embroidery, specifically Trevelyon’s Pocket. One of you wrote and asked where my “spot” would be to stitch in my new space so I’ve uploaded a photo of me stitching in my “spot”. I’m sitting at my work table, next to the huge wall of windows and the natural light is fabulous, even on an overcast day.

Over the last three days I’ve spent time each day in my studio embroidering long enough to finish one of the small flower buds near the gilly flower in the design of the Trevelyon’s Pocket project. Below is a photo of how it looked when I left off while still in Germany.

On Thursday I embroidered one of the buds using the darkest, medium and light pink threads.

On Friday, I embroidered the second bud using the darkest pink, medium and light pink and ivory.

Today I embroidered the last bud using three pinks and ivory.

While I was embroidering these little buds, I was talking to my daughters on the telephone and I wanted them to understand how small the buds are so I took a photo of my finger next to the buds. That photo is below.

These are tiny, tiny flower buds and I just love watching them come to life!

It feels so good to be back at my trestles, embroidering pretty things with silk thread. I feel very blessed to be watching the squirrels, chipmunks, robins, cardinals, wrens, downy woodpeckers and redheaded woodpeckers outside my windows. The daffodils my mom planted in the garden outside are coming up and may bloom in the next week – unless Iowa gives us one last snowfall before spring.

Life is good.


5 thoughts on “Trevelyon’s Pocket Progress

  1. Yes , life is good ! We must make the most of every single day . Your Trevelyon’s Pocket embroidery is so pretty . I too always try to do a little every day . Happy Easter to you ! 🙂 Debbie x

  2. Kathy how wonderful you look! And what a great space you have for your embroidery. I look forward to watching your studio “come to life” with your classes and many other happy embroiderers.

    Best wishes

  3. Great that your spot is finished and you have been able to stitch. What type of fabric are you using for this piece? Lovely to see your pictures and I am glad the move sounds like it went well.

  4. Your work is beautiful. I needlepoint and embroider and like to post some of my work on your site. Please let me know as to how I can become part of the group.

    Thank you

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