Mythic Crafts – huge discounts and you can help!

Moving is difficult (I can speak from direct, immediate experience!) and it’s especially difficult if you’ve run a small business and are trying to set up in a new country. So when Mark, from Mythic Crafts, called me on the day the movers had arrived asking me to let people know about his crowd funding initiative, I said of course I would help.

If you’ve read Mary’s post yesterday on Needle ‘n Thread you’ll know all about this already. If you haven’t, click on the link for a very complete article on what’s going on and why you will want to help.

250mm (9.85") Frame

Briefly, Mark wants very much to continue to make his great slate frames, trestles and other embroidery tools for those of us who need them. He and his wife have moved from Canada to the UK and couldn’t take everything with them. (I SO understand this problem!) Now that they are there and getting settled, he’s set up a crowd funding effort on Indiegogo to raise funds for the tools and equipment he needs to continue to produce his high quality tools for all of us to use.

Trestle with Frame

Best of all, when you help to fund his new workshop, you’ll be getting one of his frames or trestles or a multitude of other tools at a huge discount. So it’s a win/win for everyone.

The GREAT news is that he’s reached his initial goal for funding but he’s still offering these wonderful discounts until the end of February! So, if you want to help his business have a fantastic start up and want to get some fantastic frames for your own use, take a few minutes to go to his Indiegogo page.

Won’t it feel great to be one of the people behind supporting a craftsman who provides tools we all use?


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