Bayeux Tapestry – Opinion please!

I’m contemplating a second Bayeux Tapestry project. The more I read about the tapestry – and the history of that time – the more I want to stitch a new scene from the piece.

Looking through all the different images in one of the many books I have about the Bayeux Tapestry, I’m drawn to two different scenes, each one featuring horses. However, that’s where the similarity ends.

The first is rather formal, showing Guy and Harold mounted on their horses each holding their hawk. They are riding to meet William who will meet them half way and conduct Harold back to the palace at Rouen. The hawks look like they would be fun to embroider.

The other scene shows two horsemen riding (galloping at full speed it seems!) from William back to Guy asking for the release of Harold. The action in this scene appeals, as does their flying hair!

So, dear readers, which one would you like to see come to life? And why? What appeals to you about one scene over the other? Which one would you like to learn to embroider as a future course with a kit on With Threaded Needle?


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  1. I’d go for the galloping horses. I think the overall image is more fun. It isobviously more dynamic, and, apart from the hair, which is great, I love the front horse, which is giving some wonderful side-eye. I also think that overall it makes a more satisfying self-contained picture.
    Alternatively, please do both … they would make a terrific pair of cushions.

  2. Hello. I am very interested in your Bayeaux projects. Can you please add me to the waiting list for the Bateau Bayeaux project. Than you very much
    As for your question above, I prefer the second option – – I think because of the suggestion of movement and action which is more obvious here than in the hunting scene. My vote goes for the callipers :). Thanks!

    • Hi Carin,

      You ‘re on the list! I think you mean gallopers? Your spell correct corrected the word in both comments to callipers. I know what callipers ARE but I’m sure you don’t mean that!! (I HATE spell correct!)

      You made me smile! Thank you.

      Liebe Grüße,


  3. The hawks tapestry is my choice. The hawks provide a dimension to that moment in time which then outlives the scene, thus making it history!

  4. I would love to see the running horsemen come to life. Capturing movement or something akin to it in my stitching is my love and my challenge.

    • I really like the first one with Guy and Harold and their hawks. When we were living in Germany we met a man with his hawk and he was kind of us to let us get a close look at his beautiful bird and then were had the pleasure of the hawk in sight. Beautiful!

      • Hi Judie,

        Lucky you! Haven’t had that pleasure but my husband did – here in Germany as well. He says it’s one of his favourite memories of living here.

        Liebe Gru2ße,


  5. Hi Kathy.
    I hope your moving plans are going smoothly.
    I like the action of the second scene, and the shields are appealing too, but I think I like the first scene even more. The dark horse in that scene is beautiful, and I agree that the birds would be fun to stitch.

    • Hi MAry,

      Moving going well, thank you for asking!There is so very much to do when one changes country in addition to moving house! Thanks for your input!

      Liebe Grüße,


  6. Frankly, I’m hoping you find a totally different scene to replicate. How about the one with the comet? More interesting. There’s not enough of interest to stitch in either horse scene. I realised stitches wwre limited at the time of Bayeaux, but I think there are more interesting scenes to replicate.

  7. Either is wonderful, but if I have to choose, it would be the lower one-I had hoped for a figure of a lady to do, but these are wonderful!

  8. Hi Kathy,

    I prefer the second image as there is one major element, which coordinates well with the first project. Like the ship, they appear to be in the action whereas the first image looks to be on a leisurely stroll. Although I do love how the horses are depicted in the first.

    Ether would be great to see as another project, with a leaning towards the second.

    Thanks, Sarah

  9. I personally like the first one the best. It is kinder and more peaceful which is more the mood I want for my stitching right now. I must admit I am not familiar with the story of the tapestry so the second one may not be as violent as it appears with two guys with pointy sticks and shields. Whatever you choose, I am sure it will be beautiful and fun to stitch.

  10. Kathy, both scenes have strong merits. My personal interest is in warriors and their horses, so I’m instantly drawn to the men with their spears and shields and flying hair and manes! It would be wonderful to create both. Please! Although, the scene with the hawking…is, well, majestic. There is movement with the man’s arm, the step of the horses, the anticipation of the hawks going on to flight, and that black horse is a great statement. If I absolutely had to choose, simply based on personal interest, I would purchase the soldier messengers, but the tightness and dignity of the hawking scene makes that a difficult choice to prioritize. Great pieces to feature Kathy! Thank you also for the additional history links.

  11. I turn the pages of my David Wilson book…..and every single scene is just amazing !
    I look for beauty and things that enchant me….but this is an incredible historical record of great solemnity and war and it is so hard to choose . I have embroidered the comet and Harold on his throne and other small parts of it .
    I love both the scenes you have chosen..the knights charging with their hair flying and their beautiful shields ….but I agree Guy and Harold on horseback , proudly carrying their hawks is my favourite one . Good luck with your project !

  12. Why would you make us choose just one? Why not both? Both are fabulous and by doing these kinds of projects you are helping keep these beauties alive. Please do both. Please please please.

  13. I would choose the one with the falcons, the birds look so dignified on the rider’s arms!

  14. I like them both, as well. But, my favorite is the galloping horses, because of the movement and the cool shields. I would definitely be interested in either one or both!

  15. Both scenes are beautiful and full of life, but I really prefer the first scene with the hawks. There is just so much more to look at with the first scene. The hawks and the way the men are positioned on their horses give me the impression of drama and theirs good tension. I love the pointing figure and the way the capes drape across the shoulders of the two men. I love the the horses, they are walking with pride and grace. The colors are dramatic. If you set up a waiting list I would love to be included! I did the first Bayeux Tapestry project and would love to work on another! Thank you.

    • Hi Lisa,

      Your comment is so poetic! I can see just what you are describing and how it makes you feel. Thank off ro giving me your input and I will put you on the waiting list for the course…which will be a while in coming!

      Liebe Grüße,


  16. Hi Kathy,

    I like the idea of both for cushions; the horses in full flight and the eagles/falcons? are both great.
    I could also ‘see’ a lady somewhere doing the embroidery? The lady and the Unicorn tapestries are coming to Sydney, Australia in February and I was wondering if she could be done in the Bayeux stitch? Perhaps the details may not be achievable?

    • Hi Hendrika,

      That’s an interesting idea to do a Bayeux stitch replica of a tapestry… You must go see them when they come if you can!

      Liebe Grüße,


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