No embroidery but lots of creativity!

Although the blog has been quiet for a week of more, I have been working. Really, I have!

First up is a group of samples I’ve done for my City and Guilds Level 2 course. Below is a sampler I did to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of line stitches. The brief is to create two samplers using a set of line stitches; one to be traditional and one contemporary. The first contemporary one I did wasn’t really very contemporary – it didn’t push the boundaries far enough. Among the suggestions from my wonderful tutors, Julia and Tracy, were to use non-traditional materials and to play with the scale of the piece. The sampler you see below is made using paper products and the finished piece is 24 inches/60 cm long. Each line of stitch has a brown paper label hanging from the edge of the sampler. It was fun working with these materials and on this scale – it’s different from the traditional work I prefer to do!

Fraying and Fringing was a unit I just completed. The piece I’m most proud of is the one that fills the criteria of creating an innovative fringe. I used cork fabric and Oliver Twists synthetic threads for the fringe. They unravel beautifully! I can imagine doing something more with this idea for a larger project in the course.

One set of samples I’d been putting off were those involving the use of both bond-a-web (fusible interfacing) and silicon backed baking paper. I just couldn’t get my head around how it would all work. I wrote to a student who is doing C&G Level 3 and she gave me some guidance. When I finally got the courage to try it, I discovered that I really like this technique and will definitely be using it again!

The first piece is a “considered” composition – landscape type thing. The second is a completion of words from a German book I had as a child, string – to represent the line when writing, buttons for the punctuation and pencil shavings. All of this has been fused to grey fabric which is printed with German words.

Finished landscape


Finished with net

Of course, I’ve been mulling over the planned Trevelyon’s Pocketbook. I did some coloured drawings, decided on a colour pallet and ordered threads. I’ve decided to make mine using Au ver a Soie D’Alger. The thread is beautiful but, gosh, I’d forgotten how expensive it is! The thread you see in the photo came to €58/$69/£51. Of course, I’ll not use much on this project so will have loads left over. But you know what? I rarely use left over threads from one project in another project. Do you?

The pocketbook will be worked on ivory silk which I still need to order so the thread in the photo is on a page from my sketch book. The gold thread is a twisted thread but I’m not sure I’m going to use that one. Steve and I are hoping to visit Benton and Johnson when we’re in the UK at the end of October where I might find something I like better.

You might be wondering why I haven’t written about doing any actual embroidery. I know I’m wondering why I haven’t done more embroidery! To be honest, there has been so much paperwork to do to organise Steve’s green card for our return to the USA that it’s taken all my time for the last two weeks outside of what I must do for my C&G course. However, I’m making myself a promise right now – I am going to go embroider as soon as this is finished!

By the way, shortly after I posted about the footstool from the Crewelwork Company not being in their line, I was on the web site (beautiful things!! Really…I wish I could have them all! but especially the Glasgow Bedspread…now that would keep me busy forever!) and the footstool is still offered. It’s now called the Long Pillowe. I love how it’s finished! The fringe is stunning!

Next time I should have embroidery to show you and maybe even the pattern on the silk for Trevelyon’s Pocketbook. Here’s hoping!

Last minute update – The Crewelwork Company is offering a FREE Jacobean Sampler when you buy any Level 3 Kit. Simply order a Level 3 kit (scroll down to “Level 3” on the “Kits” tab and choose your kit) and they will add in a Sampler to your order. Offer valid until 30 Sept 2017. This would be a great gift for a friend or family member who has always wanted to try crewelwork!



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    • Hi Méri,

      I loved using the cork fabric! It was easy to stitch through and the texture and color variations make it really interesting to build layers of stiching on to it.

      Liebe Grüße,


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