New trestle supplier – M.R.S. Embroidery!

Quite a few months ago I received an email from a woman whose business is called “M.R.S. Embroidery”. What a delightful name, I thought! She was writing to tell me about a project she’d been working on which she thought might interest me and my readers. Well, it did! She had some more tweaking to do before she was ready to go public, but now everything is up and running, so it’s time to tell you all about it!


Magda Rose Skilleter (hence the M.R.S. – her initials!)  lives in West Sussex, literally at the foot of the South Downs National Park in a tiny village. She is, like us, a passionate embroider and needed as good, solid set of trestles. Like many of us, the space in her home is limited and having a pair of trestles set up all the time just wasn’t desirable. No matter how large our homes are, if we don’t have a designated room for our embroidery, a pair of trestles will become part of the decor – whether we want them to be or not! They take up a lot of space, even when we take off the embroidery frame and push them together. So, she decided to create trestles with removable feet, thereby allowing the trestles to be stored flat against a wall, behind a cupboard or in a closet.

The trestles are made of solid beech wood. Screws are used to assemble them with wooden plugs hiding all joins, so they are sturdy as well as attractive. The frames come assembled and the four feet come separately within the box ready to just pop on.

Each half of the pair of trestles, without the feet on, is 880mm wide x  875mm high x  50 mm deep.  Double the depth of 50mm to get the total storage requirements i.e. 100mm when standing a pair together. Each foot is 410 mm wide x 81mm deep.


Her partner, Nick, cleverly came up with a design they are justifiably proud to sell.  The feet are designed in such a way that they will simply slot on and pull off, so there are no unsightly screws or bolts required. They have also decided to hand wax the trestles so they are smooth to the touch. They experimented with varnish but felt the finish was slightly grainy to the touch and they much preferred the feel and depth that wax gives. Although waxing takes slightly longer than varnishing, they have decided to do this step themselves to keep the costs down.



A pair of trestles will cost £300, excluding p&p.  Trestles will be available for shipping from the end of January 2017. You can place an order anytime from now on and can contact her via her email address (below), or via her Facebook page. At present payment is made via PayPal. She is willing to ship worldwide and will provide a quote on the shipping costs upon request.

If you’re interested (and I am!) you can contact her via her email address which is ">mrsembroidery2 (at)



8 thoughts on “New trestle supplier – M.R.S. Embroidery!

  1. This looks like a great idea and not too far from me, always happy to support local suppliers. I can’t see from the pictures but the problem I have with my existing trestle is if I need to move it slightly it is a bit unwieldy i.e. I would like to be able to pick up the left and right sections with both hands and maneuver the whole assembly in to a new position. Are the legs clipped into the feet and also, will the base be left behind if you pick up the top horizontal bars?

  2. I’m interested in trestle with removable feet. Could you tell me waiting time for order please. Are they still £300?

  3. Hello
    I am interested in purchasing a set of trestles. Could you tell me the price of your set of trestles, size, waiting time if stock not available and in the price is there a slate frame provided plus are there instructions in mantling the trestles?

    Look forward to hearing from you
    Kind regards

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