Crewelwork in the Scottish Borders

I’m on the road again…this time traveling up into the Scottish Borders to take crewelwork classes with Tracy A. Franklin. For those of you who aren’t as well versed in the history of the British Isles, the Scottish Borders are the most southerly region of Scotland. The towns here have been fought over for centuries and some towns have changed rulers multiple times, most famously Berwick on Tweed. Berwick has the only English football team that plays in the Scottish league! Naturally the story is far more complicated and, if you’re interested, here’s a link to a Wiki article that sums up the essential points.


It’s a beautiful area, and driving from Edinburgh to our holiday cottage, autumn is the right time to be here!


There are towns and villages but the area is sparsely populated – especially compared to Berlin! – so the drive was one beautiful view after the other.


Our holiday cottage is part of Burnbrae Holidays. In addition to the holiday cottages, there is a studio that can be rented and is used for classes throughout the year.

After our lovely drive and a stop at Sainsbury’s in Kelso for food, we arrived at our cottage. Yvette Swawfield greeted us and had prepared afternoon tea of cheese scones and tea for us to enjoy as we got settled in.

We had our tea in the small conservatory, watching the birds come to the feeder as the sun sank lower over the horizon.



The first workshop with Tracy will be Tuesday and Wednesday here at Burnbrae. Thursday and Friday I’ll be traveling into Jedburgh for a different crewelwork class with Tracy.

Sunday we’ll be visiting Boness and Kenneil Railway and Traquair House so I’ll have lots to share with you about the embroideries at Traquair House (and maybe a few steam train photos!). Monday we’ll drive over to Biggar, into Galashiels and Kelso.

Lots to see before the classes begin and then lots to share about what I’m learning!


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  1. This is so much fun to travel with you, see your work and know what you are doing. Think of Iowa when you see the beautiful trees.

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