Loveday Crewelwork : The Tree is Alive!

My crewelwork was calling to me…I did these three darling flying critters over the course of two days, getting up early to stitch before the day began. Early as in 4:30 and I didn’t set the alarm!


I was so excited that, as soon as I started to wake up I thought…almost done – maybe you’ll see it completed today.


Of course, the little delicate things take longer than one thinks and the details are really rather intricate on each one.


At 6:30 am on Tuesday morning I put in the last stitch. The world outside my home was still asleep and the sun may have been rising but it was such a grey day it made no difference in the light in the room.


However, I felt like it was the beginning of a glorious summer! I could hear those birds in the tree singing, the butterflies fluttering overhead, the gentle buzz of the wasp and the dragonfly, the leaves in the breeze…the tree was finally alive!









It’s taken countless hours – countless because I really didn’t count them! It was a joy to stitch and I am very, very sad to say goodbye to my Loveday Tree for a while. It’s been a real presence in my studio and the space seems so empty now. It will return to me…in a few years…and until then I hope everyone who sees it at exhibitions, shows and other venues gets as much pleasure from it as I have. Thank you, Nicola, for giving me the opportunity to stitch this stunning piece!



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Loveday 51-001

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10 thoughts on “Loveday Crewelwork : The Tree is Alive!

  1. Hi Kathy, just stunning! I’m so looking forward to stitching mine soon! Can’t wait to see what you stitch next!

  2. It’s just gorgeous, Kathy – well done. I can imagine it’s left a big space in your workroom, but just think how nice it will be when it finally returns!

  3. Kathy,
    Congratulations, it looks wonderful. Looking forward to seeing it in Harrogate. Exhausted, but happy? Pippa x

    • Thank you all for your kind comments! I am all of the things you’ve mentioned but mainly proud and thrilled with how this beautiful design looks all stitched. It’s lovey as a print and a tea towel but now I can see how the texture of the thread and different stitches really bring the piece to life!

      Liebe Grüße,


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