Leven’s Hall Pillow – Finished!

The pillow designed by Phillipa Turnbull called the Leven’s Hall Pillow has been one of my favourite pieces to stitch. A big part of that is the color scheme. The rich reds, deep blues and creamy golds are simply beautiful.


Whenever I get to the end of a project like this – a large project – and I’ve finished the last large area, or large group of motifs to be stitched, I always think to myself  “I’m almost done! not long now!” and then, I begin to stitch…and I stitch… and I stitch… and I stitch… Well, you get the idea! Those little finishing bits always take so much longer to embroider than I think they will take!

The large stem was the last big area I needed to complete and embroidering that in Romanian couching was really fun! I’d only done that stitch once before and I really enjoy the rhythm of Romanian couching. The stitch creates a spine down the middle of the stem and I find that particularly pretty.


Then the only thing left to do were the tendrils of stems stitch and the outline of the whole piece. ‘This will be quick’ I thought. Ha! However, when it was all done, the stem stitch tendrils really finished the piece beautifully.


In the instructions it says to outline the piece using a long line of laid double threads couched down every 2 or 3 centimetres. I had fallen in love with the Reversed Chain stitch so I chose to embroider the outline using that stitch.


It makes a nice border and I love the texture of the Reverse Chain stitch.


Below is a photo I took while the piece was still on the frame, on the evening I finished it.


Aren’t the colors stunning! I am definitely going to make this up into a pillow with tassel fringe. I’ve even found a supplier in the UK that sells fringe I think will work. They’re called George Spencer and the fringe is on this page.  I’m thinking the 413 range or the 707 range of colors. The 707 looks like it’s made of a wool similar to Appleton’s Wool in texture so that could be an especially good match.

If you have an opinion please let me know!



4 thoughts on “Leven’s Hall Pillow – Finished!

  1. Exquisite work. I’ve just found your blog and was wondering if I could manage crewel work! I love the intricacy of it all. Good work again! Natalie

  2. Beautiful work! I agree with your comment about 707, using one of those might give greater continuity to your pillow.

    It’s a pity you can’t see the fringes in person though, especially as colours can look very different that way…

  3. Love the piece! Both fringes look lovely. However, I like the dark red version of 413 best. It looks like a very full fringe; something I would like better. Maybe they’ll send you samples?

  4. Hi Kathy, your pillow is looking gorgeous. I love it. I am not so sure about the fringes though – they look a little heavy to me although it is hard to tell from little photos on the interweb. The 707 in a light gold colour to pick up on your leaves might be nice though. I am sure you will make the right choice.

    I am pleased too that you are enjoying the raised work. I think it’s lots of fun and looks great too.

    A very happy Christmas to you and yours and may 2015 be as happy and productive as this year has been for you.


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