Leven’s Hall Long and Short Flowers

The Leven’s Hall Pillowe is coming along nicely, thank you! What I’ve just finished are all the long and short shaded flowers. Since I’ll be taking the final component of my Royal School of Needlework Certificate course beginning in late January, I figure the more experience I get doing long and short shading of any kind is a good thing!


My shading skills are improving and I feel more and more confident with every flower. This flower is shaded using three different golden, yellow threads. As I mentioned before when writing about the long and short shading on Nicola’s Blue Bird, the most important thing I must remember is to keep my stitches relaxed. I tend to pull too tightly and then there isn’t a pillow of thread for the later colors to sink into.


These two little red flowers use only two shades of rose which is exactly why they are so charming. I just love the colors used in this piece!


Below is a photo of a flower worked in long and short shading with the center edged in stem stitch and little stitches in the center of blue. The colors of the two golden yellows are very close so the shading is quite delicate. The leaf next to the flower uses the same two golden yellow colors and the combination is lovely.


This is a photo of the progress thus far. The large areas are finished and it looks as if there isn’t much left but, in reality, it’s the little fiddly bits that seem to take forever!


The branch, the stems, the tendrils, the little flower buds, the inside of the red flowers, a few leaves and the outline…whew!


4 thoughts on “Leven’s Hall Long and Short Flowers

  1. Dear Kathy,

    Your embroidery is so beautiful! Thanks for the tip about long and short stitch. I have to remember to keep my stitches relaxed, to make that “pillow” for the threads.


  2. Lovely. 🙂 I never really got the hang of long and short shading. You obviously have. 🙂 Most people say that stitch is easy, but I never really felt that way.

  3. You really have got the hang of LSS now, practice is making perfect. I tend to pull my stitches too tight and am trying to keep them more relaxed on the piece I am currently stitching. I am doing Japanese diagonal layer (essentially satin stitch worked diagonally) in flat silk and I have realized that I am putting to much tension on the stitches.

    I love the colours in this and you are stitching it beautifully.

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