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As you know, I fell in love with Bayeux. If I had unlimited money I would buy a little house in the countryside and go there for every holiday. The town is not too big and not too small…it’s just right. The Tapestry is a big draw for me – imagine being able to study it whenever you wanted to without having to travel? Wow!


In Bayeux, of course, there is also a shop where one can purchase ready to stitch replica kits of the Bayeux Tapestry only a few meters away from the Cathedral. We stopped in early on the last morning we were in France so I could pick up

some really lovely linen the owner, Chantel James , had brought in for me.


There are a lot of samples she has worked on the wall of her shop, all of which come from the Tapestry. Sometimes she has used a scene, as I am doing on my project, and sometimes she has enlarged a single motif from the Tapestry. You can see in the photo below the same  trees that the town of Bayeux has used for the brass plaques that appear all over town.


Madame James hand draws every design on the linen for each kit. In addition to the standard kits that are available on her web site, you can special order a kit with as much of the Tapestry drawn on as you’d like. The one she is holding below she had just finished and, as you can see, it is very large.

Each kit comes with finely woven linen, all the thread you will need and complete instructions. Keep your eye open for an article soon about the linen she uses on The Unbroken Thread.


She also sells kits that use the Bayeux stitch but are of completely different, more contemporary design. Many of the designs are drawn from nature and reminded me of the beautiful countryside in the region.


She always has a piece of the tapestry being stitched in the shop so, if you don’t know how to do the Bayeux stitch, you can learn how to do the stitch and have a go yourself.


Her web site, which you can find here, is in both French and English. You can also purchase linen and wool from her. She ships worldwide, so if you have a longing to stitch part of the Bayeux Tapestry but don’t want to copy your own design onto the fabric, gather all the threads and work out how to stitch, then her kits are the answer!


12 thoughts on “Bayeux Broderie

    • Huh?

      No, “french” fries (actually first made in Belgium)and “french” toast (I think originated in England in the middle ages), get it?? Bad joke?

      Okay, I think that grenade is grenat in French, but that wouldn’t help me find the bathroom (or anything else) in Bayeux except perhaps a jail cell. They taught me some Spanish in school, not French.

  1. Loved the inside look into Chantal’s embroidery shop. Seeing her embroideries on the wall makes me want to revisit Bayeux and stop in at her shop! I wonder how she decided to dedicate herself exclusively to “bayeux stitch” embroidery. Did she say?


  2. Hi Kathy –
    Enjoyed this inside look into Chantal’s shop. Seeing her embroideries displayed on the walls gives me the urge to try a little “bayeux stitch” in a small project. Did she say how she became so interested in the bayeux tapestry and stitch that she decided to open a shop dedicated to this style?
    Also, do you know what brand of wool she uses in her kits? The colors look lovely.


    • Hi Sharon,

      If you’d been with me I wold have been able to find out how she became so interested in Bayeux stitch. My French just isn’t up to interview questions – it’s more ordering food and being polite and asking where the loo is…

      I did ask her about the wool because it’s lovely – both colors and texture. She said only that it is made for her shop. I don’t know if she was being private or, again, my French wasn’t good enough. Before I return I’ll be sure to refresh my French and maybe try to improve it! The wool is similar to Renaissance in terms of weight but she did tell me it was chemically dyed – so the colors would be consistent. I got two small skeins of dark green and can’t wait to use it on something to see how it stitches up.

      I don’t remember how much it cost but it wasn’t so much that I gasped…nor did my husband! He remembers it was €4.70 which is probably right – he’s a maths and science teacher by training and a school head so he remembers numbers!

      Liebe Grüße,

  3. Wow, this looks great! I envy you, that you have been able to visit Bayeux and the beautiful tapestry… but thanks for the photos! 😉 I am flirting with ordering one of her kits, but since my interest in embroidery could change into weaving or knitting or something else next week, I keep on practising the stitch in my own “designs” for a while. I use cotton thread, which does not work as well as I hoped, but your website has helped me a lot – THANKS!
    Do you know any video-tutorials about the Bayeux-stitch? Couldn´t find something helpful yet…

    Liebe Grüße auch! 😉


  4. I am trying to buy one but it doesn’t seem like she ships to the USA based on her website? Anyone had any luck? I send an inquiry. Fingers crossed! If not I’m going to have to do one from scratch!

  5. Do you sell kits with Edith Swanneck looking for Harold as part of the Bayeaux Tapestry kits

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