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Below is my new workspace. We haven’t move and this isn’t a new room. It’s the same place but I’ve added a table: a drawing/ designing table. It’s there, on the right of the page, behind the black chair. Last weekend we pulled the table out from under a bed in one of the guest bedrooms and set it up next to my stitching/blogging table.

My colored pencils, my pastels, my drawing pad and sketch book are all there waiting to be used. Nothing is in a drawer but out in the open, beckoning me to come, sit down and draw something. So I did!


You can see the colored leaf drawing I did about a month ago in preparation for a design for the leaf panels. I’ve been mulling this design over for a while and now I’ve got a first draft or design. Below you can see it much better. I’m 80% happy with it and have just a few changes I may make.



Just a few days ago I drew a design for a class I’m teaching here in Berlin, beginning this week. The design is “Ein Kleiner Vogel : A Little Bird”. It’s a crewelwork piece perfect for a beginner or just in time for spring.

However, this is not the BIG news. Saturday and Sunday I spent the whole day and evening setting up a site for my online stitching school. My article “Now What?” elicited so many responses – both on the blog and through emails – that I decided to do what many of you have asked for and start teaching online classes.

There are 6 weeks of school before our two week Easter Holiday. I know there will be changes – there are ALWAYS changes when working on a new creative endeavor – but look for an announcement here sometime in early to mid-April. If all goes according to plan, I will be finishing up the course work during those two weeks for the first course.

If you have any wishes, thoughts, ideas or suggestions, please leave a comment on this article. I will read all of them and consider those that I have enough time and energy to implement.

Liebe Grüße,


22 thoughts on “New Endeavors

  1. I suggest that now and then (maybe once a week?) You take a few minutes for yourself and just breathe!

    Another suggestion. How about interviewing learners like Camille on your blog now and then? Just an idea.

    I do insist that you seriously consider my first suggestion though.. 🙂

    • Hi RM,
      Good advice. I do Pilates some days which slows me right down and makes me focus on my breathing and centering myself. But you’re right, I’m not a “just breathe” person. I will try to take your advice…
      Liebe Grus,

      • Insight? More of a guess. I worked for four years as a teachers aide in an elementary school before being let go due to budget cuts, and many teachers are not “just breathe” people. 🙂

  2. Yay 🙂 Well done that woman:-) Fantastic news about the online course! You are the perfect person to do this. I am still here lurking in the background though these days I don’t have a blog.
    Can’t wait for the course you can count me in as well:-)
    Take care,
    Alison Collins.

  3. I’ve two brief comments:

    1) Well done! Making any change/new start is a real milestone and one to be proud of; and
    2) Keep it simple – for your own sake as much as for your future students’.=) You can do something bigger later, but keep the first few classes simple.

    Good hunting!

    • Hi All,

      The nightcap is definitely on the cards for a future course- not too far in the future I hope. But I want to make my online school a special and personal experience. Teaching is all about building relationships so it’s super important that things are as good as they can be before I launch such a big project.

      You are all so supportive!
      Thank you!

  4. My suggestion for an on line course would be your nightcap. I think it is stunning and would love an opportunity to make my own version of this.


  5. Hi,

    What I would like would be a basic stitch course that shows you how to:

    Stem Stitch
    French knots
    Fly Stitch
    Chain Stitch
    Laid & Couching

    But not Long & Short.

    The design could be a simple flower perhaps – that would be completed in six sessions.

    Could you choose then either to do wool or silk??

    Good Luck,


    • Hi Ann,
      There are four people at school who are beginners who wanted to learn so I’ve worked up a design for them. IT will be similar but not identical for the stitching school.
      And it’s really darling! (if I do say so myself!)

      Liebe Grusse,

    • Hi Esther (Mom!)
      I’m breathing, I’m breathing, I’m breathing!
      I love you – you’re the best cheerleader any daughter could ask for!

  6. Agreed; an online course is an excellent idea and I will await details eagerly.

    I hope you will not take it amiss if I make a comment on your leaf drawing – I believe it may look more balanced if the leaf on the left is turned towards the right a little. At the moment it looks to me as if it is trying to run away, lol. This is my opinion only so please don’t come after me with a weapon or something.

  7. I agree with Christina about the leaf on the left. Its stem needs to be tucked into the bouquet. Also, what is the diagonal line coming down above it ?

    • Hi Esther and Christina!,

      Thanks to both of you! I see what you mean. That diagonal line is supposed to the the vein of the leaf above it but it doesn’t quite work, does it? I’ll keep experimenting!

      Liebe Grusse,

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