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For those of you who may not know I’ve been working on a miniature version of a gentleman’s cap using a design from Thomas Trevelyon’s Miscellany. Images from the book are available online at the Folger Library Digital Collection. I selected one of the designs, downloaded it from the site (which they give you generous permission to do!) and reduced it in size and made a pattern for the cap.

If you want to read about this project from the beginning, the place to find all the articles about the Trevelyon’s Cap project is from the “home page” of The Unbroken Thread. At the top right corner you will see the words “People, Places, Projects.” If you click on that, a drop down menu will open. Click on Projects, then on silk and then on Trevelyon’s Cap and you will find yourself on a page where all the posts can be read.


I’ve been working on this project since October 2011! I can’t believe it’s been a year since I began. Of course, I’ve done quite a few things alongside the cap project but it’s the longest running project I’ve done so far.


This is quite a milestone to have reached and I must admit there were times when I thought I would never make it. You know those days when it feels like you’re all thumbs? When your threads tangle, your needle comes off the end of the thread every time you move your hand, when you can’t ever find your scissors under the mess on your work table, when you think, if you have to tie off one more plunged gold thread you will scream? Yep, had days like that on this project. But today, looking at the little cap in it’s shimmery, sparkly beauty, I’m again inspired to keep going. Aren’t our creative spirits amazing?


11 thoughts on “Trevelyon Cap

  1. Brilliant. Simply exquisite! I’ve enjoyed following along as you’ve done this project, and learned quite a bit as you’ve stitched. Thank you for sharing this journey.

    One question remains –

    Are you going to finish this up into a three-dimensional hat, or are you going to frame it flat as a panel? It would be spectacular either way.


  2. I too am surprised that it is a year. It doesn’t seem that long but then I’m not the one stitching it 🙂

    I had one of those shimmery, sparkling, ‘that’s why I am doing it’ moments recently.

    What you have done so far is beautiful. It will so be worth it when you have finished it.

  3. Kathy,

    Just lovely work as ever! I also wanted to say that I’ve used the Contact button up there a few times, but don’t think anything is going through. I had questions regarding threads you’ve used for the RSN, amongst other things.

    Please contact me offline, as I don’t have your email addy? Thanks!
    Hugs and Love,

    PS. Will you wear the cap when you are finished lining it? Maybe you can use it as a class project towards your certificate in lieu of a class? 🙂 😉
    Looking forward to the next adventurous project you come up with – so inspirational! 😀

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