Repeated stitching

When the first panel of Trevelyon’s Cap was finished, many of you mentioned that the subsequent panels would go much more quickly because I had already worked the design once.

You were right! It is going more quickly and more smoothly. It also is more soothing or more boring, depending on my mood. I’m stitching each of the same little motifs across the four panels, so I work all the large leaves, then go back and work all the blue thistles, etc.

As I begin each little design on the second panel, I’m having to stop and review briefly what I’ve done: stitches, order of work, how much of one color in the shading and all the other little details one works out the first time. Usually – but not always – I remember everything.

By the time I’m on the third panel, I’m a bit bored and really wanting to be done with which ever motif I’m stitching. Then I begin the forth panel and about half way through the last of the particular motif I’m stitching, I begin to feel a bit sad that the end of this part of the project is almost finished. It’s an interesting mental process to observe.

I don’t think it has affected my stitching quality though. When I look carefully at the first, second, third and forth motifs they all look basically the same. Of course they aren’t identical which is the whole point of hand embroidery – the hand affects the outcome.

When it’s all finished, I wonder how much I’ll remember of the time I stitched the whole cap. I wonder if, by looking at each element, I’ll be able to recall how I was feeling that day: will my ‘hand’ leave the mark of my mood?

Does your stitching reflect your mood, especially when doing repeated motifs? Can you look back and see how you felt?


3 thoughts on “Repeated stitching

  1. Occasional boredom (depending on my mood) is why I usually have 4 in progress projects in my basket. It is also why I rarely do large scale black/red/white work projects, changing colors at least keeps the monotony (depending on my mood) to a minimum. I started my “four project” rule numerous years ago, when I embroidered a 16×8 inch boxacar (family history, long story, don’t ask) as a gift for my grandfather. Row after row after row of two shades of terra cotta red got REALLY old really fast. haha I still have not done a project with those reds since. I have a tendency to flip around (if I can) on a project with no rhyme or reason as long as it all gets done. Anyhow, happy embroidering. 🙂

  2. I too get bored, and I also have many UFO’s with which to choose from. On the otherhand I get very excited when nearing the finish. I I will push to actually finish a particular project when one gets that close. I have 2 sisters and a DIL who do the same thing and its a challenge to see who finishes the most in a year. LOL.

  3. What I love about my crewel embroidery is that I can change my stitch and colour of my thread as the mood takes me. I do however only stitch one project at a time. 🙂

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