Silk 3 time: lovely leaves

This is so much fun to stitch! Each stitch of these lovely leaves is a group of simple ribbon stitches – the easiest stitch of all, I imagine. The result is so romantic and the leaves have so much texture. The two leaves in the photo below are at the top of the design. I’ve added a fly stitch to a couple of the leaves for some added color and texture, a little like the veins in a leaf. The stems of all the leaves are worked in chain stitch so that they are heavier than the stems of the flowers.

The two leaves in this photo are at the bottom of the design and the branches are hanging downwards so I’ve stitched the leaves as if gravity was pulling them down. Instead of adding fly stitches to a few leaves, I’ve put a couple of French knots at the base of some of the leaves. They could be the buds of the flowers that will bloom later.


The finished effect of all that gorgeous green ribbon are four lush leaves. The first leaf I did is the one in the top left corner and, if you look closely, you can see that I gained in confidence and skill (a little!) as I progressed. The last leaf I did is the one at the bottom left. Can you see how the tension is much better? Practice makes perfect (or better anyway!).

As I worked, I found that the needle I was using – a chenille #24 – was a too small to make a hole large enough to pull the ribbon through two layers of fabric. The silk is backed with muslin for stability and when I used the #24 chenille needle, the hole made by the needle through both pieces of fabric was too small to allow the ribbon to travel through smoothly. Changing to a #22 needle which is a little bigger made a big difference.

Up next are the flowers. I’ll be experimenting with a combination of ribbon and thread for these. I can’t wait to see how they look!


5 thoughts on “Silk 3 time: lovely leaves

  1. I can see the difference between the 1st set and the last, it was both the difference in needles and a gain in confidence!!!!!!!!!! The one thing about nature is that no two leaves are alike!!! Good job!!!!!!!!! I love silk ribbon work although I have not done it, but love the look!

  2. Yes, the increasing skill and confidence are clear to see, and the additional details of the French knots and little straight stitches are a great improvement!

  3. Ooooh! I CAN see the difference between the first and last sets! But they both look fantastic to me. I am just crazy about ribbon embroidery!

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