Blackwork Hearts and Flowers – Ta da!

It’s finished, done, complete.  I will miss the slow pace of the work, the richness of the gold and black, that wonderful experience of doing something new for the first time.


Ta Da!

(imagine trumpets playing a fanfare here…)

Here’s a close up of the wrapped pearl purl and the milliary wire. Milliary wire is a bit like already stretched pearl purl with a thin piece of gold passing thread attached along the bottom. You attach it to the fabric with small couching stitches every 4 or 5 valleys (just like pearl purl). For a good photo of milliary wire, look here on the Berlin Embroidery web site.

Here’s a photo of blackwork, paillettes, couched passing thread, chain stitch with black silk, stretched and wrapped pearl purl and milliary wire.

I am so happy to have found the wonderful web site String or Nothing and all of her fabulous blackwork filling patterns. Thank you for providing us all with such a great resource!

The texture and richness of this piece is so beautiful. I never imagined it would look this good. Sometimes when I look at it I wonder to myself “Did I do that?”

To all of you who supported and encouraged me as I worked, thank you!

If you’re looking for the pattern I designed for this piece, click on this link and you will find it. IndiaPattern_2-Square-1.

24 thoughts on “Blackwork Hearts and Flowers – Ta da!

  1. Dear Kathy, it’s beautiful. (Sound of trumpets.) What a brilliant piece of work, so exquisitely done and so luscious. That’s what I meant about Elizabethan spirit — that mix of richness and lusciousness within a strict formal pattern. Thank you for showing us how to do it in 2011. Warmest regards, Suzy.

  2. Congratulations, well done!! I have so enjoyed watching and reading about your blackwork as the work progressed.
    What is next?
    Vriendelike Groete

  3. Congratulations Kathy!
    You must be very very proud of your work. It’s very beautiful and exquisite.
    And thanks so much for letting us look at all the process.

  4. Hi Kathy

    What a truely beautiful piece of work – you must be SOOOOO proud!! And I have really enjoyed following your blogs on the project.

    I am off to the RSN tomorrow for a one day course in silk shading – really looking forward to it.

    Take care

  5. This is absolutely beautiful, I love it! I’ve been enjoying your posts and you’ve inspired me to look into learning more about blackwork. I also love how much goldwork you used with it – many of the pieces I’ve seen that combine blackwork with gold only use minimal gold. You pushed what I’ve seen before and it is really awesome.

  6. I am going to obsess over getting some of that black and gold military wire now. It is just so beautiful and perfect for this piece. Thanks for letting me know it existed!

  7. Well done Kathy, a beautiful finished piece of work. Well worth all the effort. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Absolutely gorgeous! Thank you so much for sharing the process with us. Now – the big question – how are you planning on finishing it? (Seems a little strange – to have to ‘finish’ a finished piece!) You will show us, won’t you?

  9. Kathy, It’s lovely. Your work is excellent.

    Where did you get your paillettes? They add such a sparkle to the piece. Thanks for the pattern.

    • Thank you all for such lovely comments on my work. You are such a supportive community!

      ga447 – I like the exhibit idea but maybe not yet in a gallery. Maybe at home with a few friends to start…but you’ve given me something to think about.

      Linda, the paillettes come from Simply Sequins in the UK. They are the 3mm flat gold.

      MzMary – hummm…finishing a piece is always a quandary. I have three ideas: frame it in a black frame with a double mat in creamy white and black, use it as the cover for a handmade book or ask my father to make a beautiful box and mount it on the lid under glass.

      Mary Martin – you can get black and gold milliary wire from Benton and Johnson. The site’s is being updated but if you contact Neil Halford by email he’ll get right back to you with the details of how to order.

      Linda, have fun at the RSN! Lucky you!

      Hildegard – what’s next? Watch this space!

      Liebe Grusse and hugs to all,


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