Blackwork Border

This weekend it’s been so lovely outside that I haven’t done as much stitching as usual. Soaking up the sunshine while quietly reading was just what I needed after the long, gray winter we had here. However, I have made a good bit of progress on the border of the Blackwork Hearts and Flowers.


I’d already decided to use gold purl for the short lines that radiate out from the beaded dots but hadn’t decided if I’d use rough or smooth purl. Rough purl has more of a matte finish and the smooth purl is very shiny. Since the blackwork is meant to be the focus of the piece, I decided on the rough purl.

The outside border will have three layers: black silk, gold pearl purl wrapped with black silk and finally back and gold milliary wire. Today I worked on the chain stitch layer. I used two strands of silk so it would be heavy enough in relation to the pearl purl and the milliary wire.

The milliary wire I got when I was at Benton and Johnson last fall. I was drawn to the combination of black and gold and it reminded me of those wonderful paintings of Elizabethans wearing clothing decorated with blackwork. I had no intention of ever doing a blackwork piece when I bought the wire but that’s the definition of a stash isn’t it? A store of things you might and probably will use someday!

Next time I’ll have a bit more finished for you to see. Until then back to the sunshine!


2 thoughts on “Blackwork Border

  1. Looking gorgeous. Very Elizabeth I and Mary Queen of Scots. I love the dull gold of the rough purl. Warm regards, Suzy

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