One year ago today…

On January 5, 2010 I posted the first article on The Unbroken Thread.  I was new to blogging and had just started to learn how to use Blogger. The first post took forever to organize and when I saw myself “online” I was thrilled. Of course, I thought everyone would be reading what I had to say. My darling daughters left comments so I knew the blog was “working”.  Then I got my first “real comment” from someone I didn’t even know and – best of all – she liked my stitching! Wow!

I remember when my first non-family or friend subscription notification came, when Mary Corbet first mentioned me on her web site (I couldn’t stop saying “I don’t believe it! I just can’t believe that SHE noticed ME!” to my poor husband), when she asked me to guest blog for her, when my site was mentioned on other sites, when subscriptions topped 300, and readers 1700…I never imagined any of these things were possible.

It’s been a wonderful year of growth and learning. The best part of the year wasn’t doing all the embroidery, or taking photos and blogging or learning to use Word Press. The very best thing about the past year on The Unbroken Thread has been communicating with people I’ve never met. You have become very important in my life. I feel less isolated as an embroiderer. You’ve all helped create this community of people who share a passion for embroidery and for that, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Here’s a look back at the year on The Unbroken Thread.


Looking ahead is a bit fuzzier, but there are some exciting things coming up! First, I’m progressing on the BIG project – the screen from my grandmother. I’ve chosen the kind of wool and the colors I’ll be using and I’m down to the last two choices on fabric. I have two design ideas in my head and you can be sure I’ll be asking for your opinions and feedback on those! There’s embroidery travel in the future and also an exciting educational adventure.

It’s going to be a great year!

16 thoughts on “One year ago today…

  1. All the Best wishes. Oh What a great feeling you must be in!Wish you a year full of cheer and joy
    love ansu chennai {India}

  2. Kathy, 2010 brought me to both you and Mary Corbet and I continue to enjoy and learn from both of you — and to all the places and people where and to whom you lead us.

    Thank you so much!!!

    May 2011 bring HEALTH, Laughter, Love, Happiness, Joy, and Serenity to you and yours — all in abundance.

    Gentle as you go,
    in rainy not-so-sunny southern California

  3. I am glad to be part of your embroidery community. But as well as the companiionship your blog is informative, fun and interesting.

  4. Congratulations on your first year.

    I can only say ‘Hear Hear’ to the other comments people have posted. It was in January last year that I ‘discovered’ the world of embroidery blogs, finding Mary Corbet’s site as one of the first, swiftly followed by yours and so many others!

    It is a tremendous community of people, willing to share so much it is humbling.

    May 2011 bring you everything you are hoping for. I very much look forward to your upcoming projects 🙂

  5. You’ve had a good and productive year, Kathy – I think I found your blog about half-way through it – and I am looking forward to seeing what you do next!

  6. Hope 2011 will bring you a wonderful year because we will all benefit from it.
    Before I found Mary Corbets`site, I was a lost embroidereur but with all your tutorials things are looking up.
    I wake up and share a coffee with both of you every morning.
    Thanks for the joys you are giving.
    From cold Canada, France

  7. Thank you for sharing all your projects with me during the year. I review your blog the first thing each morning. I luv the photos – you have a great gift.

  8. Congrats on your anniversary!

    And thanks for the photo remembrance. It was fun seeing all the pictures again. I still love the Italian plates and the wooden laying tools. If you ever decide to have another giveaway for one of those, count me IN!


  9. I am still so amazed at how much you have accomplished over the last year! Can’t wait to see what you do in 2011.

  10. Hello Kathy,
    I discovered your blog last year, and thought you had been around for a long time already! You and Mary Corbet have been the reason I have improved my embroidery skills. I love both your sites and look forward eagerly to read what you have been up to every morning.

    Thanks for sharing. I am most grateful. Wish you all the best for 2011.

  11. What a neat way of looking retrospectively with those pics. That is a rich selection, and we could be part of it by following your work and selecting the parts we wanted to do. I find the info you give valuable and apply it in my own work. I am looking forward to the interesting and informative blogs of 2011. Thank You for the beautiful and fun stuff.

  12. Congratulations on your first anniversary, wishing you many, many more. Your site is a huge provider of very knowledgeable information. Thank you for being here.Your hard work is sincerely appreciated.

  13. Wow! What wonderful responses from everyone! Thank you all so much. I love the fact that so many of you enjoy the blog with coffee in the morning. Of course you must have guessed that I, too, get up and read all your comments in the morning with my coffee. It’s such a great way to start the day! So often you have given me inspiration, encouragement and just a good laugh.
    Liebe Grusse,

  14. Happy New Year, Kathy!

    Although I echo all the other comments about how informative your tutorials and posts have been, I would like to add that I feel a real connection with you as you evolve as an embroiderer through your generous sharing of your experiences, difficulties, and triumphs.

    And thanks to you, I’ve been inspired to pursue more “formal” learning and have booked a couple of private sessions with Tracy Franklin for this year!

    Looking forward to reading of all your embroidery adventures and projects in 2011!

  15. I’ve recently found your site and like it very much. Thanks very much for sharing. You inspire me to start my own site too, but I don’t know if I could! But first I need to properly learn some embroidery, practice what I learnt as a child maybe.

    Carry on the good work, Kathy and soon your one year wil turn into a decade.

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