Winter Linen Giveaway winner!

It was such fun to read everyone’s comments about their favorite winter linen scene. Most  of you were carried back to your childhood, recalling the fun you had in the snow. I, too, have fond memories of playing in the snow – right up through high school when we all went sledding and going down the hill with that someone special was a thrill you would savor for days.

Using my trusty random number generator, operated by my trusty assistant (also my husband – what a good combination, don’t you think?) comment # 11 was the winner!

Here is a photo of the screen showing the winning number…

Here is a photo of my trusty assistant. Imagine a northeast English accent…

I am pleased to announce that Lisa McGehee has won scene #2 along with the brown linen for a border and Anchor thread colors 1, 20 and 381 (white, red and brown). She particularly liked this scene as it reminds her of growing up in the mountains. Congratulations Lisa!  Please send me your postal address through the “Contact” page so I can send your gift on its way!

Here’s a photo of what’s coming your way, Lisa!

On Friday I’ll be posting an article about how I made my pillow (yes, I’m finished already in record time!)

7 thoughts on “Winter Linen Giveaway winner!

  1. Congratulations to Lucky Lisa!

    Can’t wait to see your finished cushion, Kathy. (And yes, it’s great to have a good looking partner, who is also very competent – two great attributes!) lol

  2. I am just envious but also very happy for you Lisa.
    I would love to see what you will do with it.

  3. How exciting to win this special gift. I can’t wait to receive the linen and to see what the creative spirit leads me to make. Again, thank you for sharing Kathy.

  4. Congrats to Lisa! Gotta love that trusty assistant… especially since he regularly makes homemade pizza for you – from scratch!!

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