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Before leaving for my vacation in the USA to see family, I spent some time making gifts from two of the embroidery pieces I’ve written about here; the rose by Trish Burr and the crewel design by Tristan Brooks. I also worked up something new that’s a variation on my needle case.

I decided that a lavender sachet would be a nice gift for one of my friends and a larger, lavender filled pillow for my mom would be perfect. A lavender sachet in a drawer makes the clothing or linens small nice. A lavender pillow on the bed makes the room smell lovely and lavender can help you relax and fall asleep.

For both gifts, I backed them with green linen and filled them with a mixture of 1/3 dried lavender and 2/3 flax seeds. The flax is dry and a little heavy so it gives some substance to the sachet or pillow. Lavender alone would be too lightweight and the smell would be too strong. I filled both the sachet and the pillow quite full of the mixture. I tried putting less inside but it look too floppy. When looking for dried lavender make sure you get the real thing. I picked up three packages of lavender sachets in a drug store and what was inside was NOT lavender! It was Styrofoam and dust that had been soaked in some kind of fake lavender perfume stuff. It smelled pretty awful once it was out of the paper package and the dust leaked through the fabric, leaving a mess wherever I put the sachet down. It was NOT something I would want to give anyone as a gift!

For my daughter I stitched up a wallet using Caron Watercolors thread #192. The pattern comes from Mary Corbet’s Needlen’thread.The variegated colors in the thread look especially good when stitched in this design. The vine really highlights the change in thread color. There are two snaps on the front to keep it closed and for those I used regular sewing thread.

It could be used for money, photos, recipe cards, receipts you want to save…just about anything that is envelope sized! This would be a fun project to do with beginners or children and the color variations are limitless.

One of the most fun things to do on felt is free stitching…making it up as you go along. Felt is inexpensive and forgiving and the texture of felt with thicker threads is really wonderful – it looks very ethnic. It’s a bit like drawing free hand with crayons. I can think of loads of things to embroider on felt.

Do you stitch on felt? What do you stitch? Do you use a pattern or free stitch?

3 thoughts on “More finished projects

  1. Kathy, I so enjoy reading about your stitching!!!! You are so very full of information that I am learning a lot! Thank you!!!

    So, you have asked what we stitch on. I love to stitch on wool. I buy old wool clothes, take them apart and use the fabric in wall hanging and journal covers. Actually, stitching on wool is annoying because where the needle goes in is not necessarily where the thread is, meaning the fabric has so much give to it. But, I truly love the way the wool shows the silk ribbons and threads and crystal beads that I use. And do I use a pattern? Never. I free stitch like crazy and I love to meander all over. I am in the process of creating a new piece and documenting it as I go. You may follow my progress on my blog, is you are interested. There are some photos of my stitching and I would love have you look at them and comment! I have had to stop stitching for a while as we are moving in 1 1/2 weeks and I work full time but as soon as we are settled I will work on my piece some more. Again, thank you for all that I am learning!!!!

  2. I absolutely looove my wallet that you made for me. I have already gotten so many compliments on it! Beautiful ­čÖé


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