Designs for Spring in Italy Sampler

As promised on Mary Corbet’s Needlen’thread I am posting the designs for the Spring in Italy Sampler. The process to get from my sketches to designs you can use confidently has been interesting and wonderful!

When I began the project I was pretty sure I the skills to sketch up the designs, decide on colors, threads and stitches. I also knew I didn’t have the skill to turn my drawings into a pattern that would be clear and easy to use. So I called on a graphic designer I know, Meredith Stuart. She lives and works in Minneapolis and you can see more of her work and contact her here. It took her an amazingly short time to turn my sketches into beautiful, clean pdf files for you to download.

There are 4 different files below that you will need to do the sampler. Three files for each row of the sampler and a file with dimensions for the piece as a whole. I have also included each individual design so you can stitch them in another way if you like.

I sent her the photo above and scanned images of my drawings. And here is a sample of what I got back! How do these people DO this?

I’m stitching on a natural/ivory linen. In the overall design you will see that I’ve allowed for extra fabric on all the edges to accommodate the border that will be stitched last. I’m working on it now and I think you’ll like it!

A note for American readers: The files below with the words “US letter” in them, are the ones that you can print and will fit on US letter paper. The distance between each design will be a bit less but it should still work out fine for the overall design. (see comments for more information).

Here are all the patterns – Enjoy!







Spring in Italy Overall dimensions




9 thoughts on “Designs for Spring in Italy Sampler

  1. Thank you so much for the patterns. I probably won’t do the whole project, but have a pair of very old beige linen towels with perfect dark yellow trim–but an uninspiring iron-on pattern. The floral design will be a wonderful replacement.

  2. Very nice of you. i have just ordered some new flower threads so I look forward to tackling these on various things. Exactly what, I dunno. I have to think about that as I was not prepared for this set. The designs are very nice. I really like and they have a real Elizabethan appeal and may be good on sweetbags or jewellery bags. Thanks again to the both of you.

  3. Thanks for sharing your designs with us, Kathy! And I am so happy to know that I’m not the only “pattern conversion-challenged” embroiderer. Sketches and ideas come with no problem, but the technical end is not my forte. So do appreciate Meredith’s contact information!

  4. I discovered your site thru Mary Corbett – thank you! I love italian and portuguese pottery, an while my skills may be stretched with these patterns, I am going to enjoy this project!

  5. An American reader let me know that the designs aren’t printing properly on US letter paper. My graphic designer is – right this minute – making pdf files that are for US letter paper. I work with A4 paper here in Europe and it’s larger than US letter which is why it didn’t fit. I didn’t even think of it when I was designing! Oops! When you see new files appear on the post with the words “US letter” in them, those are the ones that you can print and will fit. The distance between each design will be a bit less but it should still work out fine for the overall design.

    The other option when you print from Adobe is on “Page Scaling” to select “Shrink to Printable Area” and then the whole design will print but each design will be smaller.

    Isn’t my graphic design tops? I called her, asked what was wrong, she told me and is fixing it right away! Wonderful!

  6. I am truly greatly that there are so many giving and talented people on the internet.

    Thank you both for sharing.


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