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Loveday crewelwork: Blackbird finished (almost!)

The last stitches on the back of the Blackbird body were super quick to embroider! Some stem stitch at the left edge in the photo below and the seeding around the black leaf shapes and I was ready to move to his head. (For some reason this bird is a “he” rather than a “she”. Don’t know why….)


All three areas are worked in satin stitch and, again, I took the time to outline each ear with split stitch before I did the satin stitch in that area. I embroidered the dark grey area first, then the black and lastly the lighter grey, working from the background to the foreground. To help me keep the



Loveday Crewelwork: Blackbird begun!

Now that I’m finished embroidering the trunk, strawberries and leaves of the lower part of the design, I decided to stitch both the blackbird and the sparrow. Nicola is renowned for her bird designs and I’ve stitched the Bluebird crewelwork design before but not the blackbird or the sparrow. I was looking forward to embroidering both of these darling, little bids


I chose to begin with the blackbird. Following the rule of beginning with the element of the design that’s in the background, I first stitched the tail


RSN Canvaswork assessment – remember this project?

Those of you who read The Unbroken Thread will undoubtedly remember how much difficulty I had with my canvaswork project for the RSN Certificate. I was a complete beginner and had no concept of how canvaswork was done, how to use the different stitches and, for that matter, how to DO the different stitches. At the beginning it was the most frustrating, hopeless feeling I’ve ever had whilst learning any embroidery technique. Of course, when I got to the end of the project, I loved it and felt competent to embroider canvaswork pieces successfully in the future – which is the point, really.

Umbrella RSN Canvaswork

Quite a while ago the assessment for this piece came back from the assessors at the RSN and I was so busy with my RSN silk shading piece that I didn’t have time to tell you about the results.


The overall mark was 83% which I am really happy with! I did lose points on some things and the comments of the assessors were accurate and helpful. “Where the stitches are longer, the thread tension is sometimes not firm enough”. You can see this in the white tiles on the roof above – see the longest center stitch in some of the squares look a bit floppy?